Nicholas Johnson, your race director.  His is the face you'll see on video, begging for forgiveness when we have to change race dates because of hurricanes. 

Its the face you'll see atop the RV prior to race start, pleading with you to follow the signs and not miss the turn at the water stop that breaks the five miler off from the rest of the race.. 


Sarah Haselwood is the first face you'll see on race morning.  She's the face you'll see when you hit the finish line. And studies show that one Sarah Haselwood is roughly equivalent to 775 standard event production professionals.  She is the muse to our creative efforts, and the vastly overqualified key master to our data hub. 


Joshes primary role is making sure that Race Director Nic doesn't buy a flame thrower for the starting sequence - no matter how many times Nicholas asks, no matter how many different ways he frames the obviously beneficial argument or puts components in the MOAT Amazon check out cart, thats a hard no, Nicholas. 



As Festival Doggo, Chop's responsibilities are primarily morale boosting and squirrel eradication.  

Chop will greet most runners and all other dogs and lay out the ground rules for the festival area; unfortunately, no one can understand precisely what he's trying to convey.