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Participants will have six weeks to complete a Tropical Storm 39 miles or Category FIVE 157 Miles!

About this Event

Well everyone, Hurricane Season has officially begun!  Nothing like life threatening storms to add to our wild fires, pandemic and civil unrest. We are celebrating the fact that we still cannot host live events by helping you stay motivated on your own turf!  We expect that it will cover... all terrains:)

The categories:

THE TROPICAL STORM: Tropical Storm wind speeds start at 39 miles per hour - so in this group, you'll have to run 39 miles per 6 weeks (which is much much slower, to account for your size difference to a hurricane).

THE CATEGORY 5: A Category 5 Hurricane brings sustained winds of 157 miles per hour!! In this group, you will run a minimum of 157 miles from June 15th to July 31st, a "hurriculean feat!"

You will submit your miles on run signup, a link will be emailed to you, and spread across social media often so you dont lose track of it, and we will keep track of your miles LIVE so you can see how you stack up against your fellow runners!


There is a link to submit your miles that you will receive upon signing up, and a live updating miles list will be generated so you can easily keep track of your progress. 

Participants will have 6 weeks to complete your distances.  A group page with be set up on Facebook where we will be dropping in regularly to hear and see updates as the weeks progress. 

Posting progress regularly on the facebook page is important; it provides some accountability to yourself and your friends, and we will read and respond to every single one. 


You will be receiving a shirt and a medal - and lots of encouragement from our staff and your fellow runners via social media along the way - we'll be stopping in with video updates on your progress and to say hello as the days roll on. 

hurricane virtual.png