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For now, the packet pick up is scheduled to be onsite on the morning of the race, thats where you'll get your bib, RFID timing chip, shirt, sunglasses and whatever other swag were giving out.  Once we hit about 400 runners we'll change that up and schedule a pickup somewhere so that there's no line. But anything less than that and its super easy to get you guys set up without that added hassle. 


How do you find us in the morning?  Look for bright lights or tiki torches on the side of the road using the address above!  Then once you turn in, just keep driving forward until you see other parked cars or a sign that says to park.  NO NEED TO PAY THE PARK FEE, we paid it for you! 


We LOVE your pets!  We love them so much that we have set up a special 'Canine Heat' that will start just a few minutes after the regular heat to give you guys a little room.  But if you just have a family dog or pony that wants to hang out with your husband or wife with us at the festival area; bring them along! We'll bring treats! . 


This is something we've been doing for a few years now; if youre running the half marathon or marathon, we'll have an area in the festival area where you can drop a bag and it will be brought out to the middle of the course.  You can put whatever you want in there!  Once you get to your bag out in the woods, take what you want, and then move it to the "BACK TO FESTIVAL" pad.  If youre running the full marathon and want to access it a second time on your second lap, leave it in the "STAYS ON COURSE" pad out in the woods. 


Aid stations are minimal.  Half Marathon and higher distances receive roughly 1 aid station every 2-3 miles.  Most aid stations consist of water only.  The halfway aid station will consist of food as well including oranges, various salty snacks and sweet snacks.  Volunteers are at each station who can call the EMT for any medical emergencies, or the course manager for any non-emergencies.  5 Milers will hit one aid station of water only.



The majority of our courses are 13.1 in distance.  Those running higher distances will run multiple loops of that course.  5 Milers have their own course that usually starts with the other distances and then splits off.  While we would love to offer certified courses, it is mostly impossible to get exact distances on pre-made trails.  



All runners will receive a super soft and beautifully designed, event specific shirt.  All finishers will also receive a finisher medal at the Finish Line.  Each race will usually have an additional swag item for runners.  Items may include, sunglasses, buffs, stickers, rubber bracelets etc.  A merchandise tent will also be set up with tank tops and additional shirts for sale.



All runners are timed via a chip that is distributed the morning of the race.  Results are provided at the race at the finish line and also posted online the following day.



Age groups are as follows: 0-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65+.  The overall male and female winner of each distance will receive a special trophy.  The top winner of each age group will receive a gold medal.  2nd and 3rd place age group winners of the Half Marathon are awarded silver and bronze medals.


You can transfer your ticket to a future race at anytime on EventBrite free of charge!  If you experience any difficulty, feel free to email Sarah!


Those who wish to participate in the Ruck Division will need to carry 14% of their body weight throughout the race.  Participants will be weighted before the start of the race and after they finish.  Ruck Division winners (top male and female) receive a special trophy and all participants receive the race medal and shirt.



New in 2018!  We've always invited you guys to run with your dogs, but now your dogs get to compete!  You get your own heat - it starts just a few minutes after the main heat.  You get your own awards category, you get your own shirts, and you get a cute little doggy bandana!  

Sign up within two weeks of the race to have your own personalized dog bowl at the festival area!


We are always in need of volunteers to assist at registration, the finish line and to man aid stations on the course.  All volunteers receive a free shirt, lunch, and a code for a free future race.  If you are interested in volunteering please email Sarah!


Barrel Owls can be very dangerous. Please take caution if you find out you have a habitat friendly to one near your home.